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    Last time I carried the 43 alone was at a family member funeral where I knew there would be a lot of grabbing and hugging and close contact. My normal waist carry would not work. I had the 43 in a pocket holster stuck in the top of my cowboy boots (yes that is what I wear with my one and only my marrying or burying suit). It was also extremely hot and the jacket had to come off during the meal afterwards.
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    Basicly my 43 only gets carried sometimes at home (rarely, depends on my activities) or if I'm going to a place where carrying a pistol has legal consequences. Other than that I don't carry it. It's a fine pistol but it's to much of a compromise to carry more than I do.
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    I can’t manage the last inch of the 17’s handle in my athletic fitting clothes. So I haven’t owned a 17 for years now.

    19 is primary. I can wear that under the “fitted” (not “compression”) style under armor shirts on even a windy spring day.

    43 goes along when I’m in formal attire, or when I’m in a career ending location if caught (but that location is 99.9% otherwise safe—typically this a corporate location and my threat concern isn’t somebody targeting me, it’s the off chance that the day I’m there will also be the day somebody decides to commit workplace violence to the end of suicide by cop).

    I’ve carried guns as fat as a G30 to meetings with multi-millionaire Vice Presidents, and at other times presented on stage in front of hundreds of pairs of watchful eyes with a G43 out of sight, no questions asked.

    And then I’ve (GASP!) chosen to go places armed with a folder or just my wits and fists because of the risk/convenience/value trade off. I obviously was killed by a thug/mass-shooter/terrorist every time that happened.

    But the number one most important rule about all of this: I don’t ever tell anyone outside my immediate family what I’m carrying, if I’m carrying, or that I ever carry. And I never admit to coworkers that I shoot or am into firearms beyond the “yeah, I have some” if I can read them and know it will put me on their side of the issue (because they’re very obvious about it) while helping my career, PERIOD. (If it won’t help my career, I won’t let conversation get anywhere near that far.) But I do know which coworkers carry, because they’re too obvious about it. Oversized straight-hemmed button down shirts untucked, size XL when they would fit in a M, walking a certain way, brushing their arms against the 8:00, 11:00, 1:00, or 4:00 positions to make sure “it’s still there,” etc. Never be that guy.

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    Main is a AIWB G19 and probably less than 5 times a year it's a 442 in pocket or AIWB (IE doctor's or some activity where a G19 isn't possible).

    Question for those with a 26 and a 43, what's the concealment difference like? Debating about getting a G19 chopped to a 26 which complements then G19 better (mags, holsters, etc). Or a 43 which is flatter. With my clothing/build, the G19's butt prints a bit to the side so I usually use an open front outer shirt etc.

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    There are times when a "James Bond" gun is necessary. Mostly its when a Tux or Kilt (or both) is being worn. Although even at times like that I assess the THREAT. Id rather have a G26 with a couple of G19 mags under my coat and not be able to take my coat off than a smaller gun IF the threat seems worthy of more gun. Then there are times when even a G42 feels like too much and Ill down size even more, especially if I might have to take my coat off or be the only guy still wearing a coat. Being out of place, as in "that guy", attracts attention.

    Theres a sign in a gun shop that says, "Carrying 5 is better than wishing you had 15 but left it at home". Its their attempt to market 5 shot revolvers; but I think it also applies to G42/43 type guns. Assess the Threat, then dress (and accessorize) accordingly.

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    I dont live in free Merica so what I say means nothing really. When I do travel to a free state I roll with a super tuck. If its cool enough for some kinda sweatshirt or fleece pull over then G23. T shirt and shorts weather its a 27 with pinky finger extended mag base plate covers. Thats my demarcation point. I dont live in a free state so many of the body mannerisms and habits people learn and build on living else where are lost to me so I error on the side of caution for concealment....I dont need to be hassled on family vacay because my cover garment rode up while I reached for a can of Spaghetti Os on the shelf at Wally World. Both ride in the same holster and with either I have a fill size G22 mag for reload.


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    My usual carry is a SI 19 with a RMR. When I’m in board shorts and a t-shirt, I often downsize to a 26. In the pocket at the front of the drivers seat in each of my cars I have an extra 19 magazine (this in addition to the extra I’m carrying).

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    I am in a full suit today for an interview with command staff reference a new position. My SI317 is in the bag for when I shed the coat and hang the badge and gun back on the belt, until then my snub is on my ankle, same gun I got married in, and the polished SS 640 and my Spyderco Police match the rest of my man bling.

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    G19 98% of the time, unless it is an NPE with criminal penalties, I’ll downsize to the 43 in a junk carry type holster. For suit and tie, G26 in an Ankle Glove and a spare 19 magazine in a Desantis Mag Packer. Pocket and/or neck knives, as needed. Sheath Knives normally. Swimming is the only time I don’t carry a firearm, even then, one is as close as I can get it. I always have a Spyderco Salt clipped into the waistband of my swim trunks though.

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    I carry my 43 quite often in the summer, it might not be a full sized fighting gun but I spent a lot of money on the Guttersnipe package so I could use it to it's full potential. NM has many places where it is a felony to carry and even getting charged with a felony could be a career killer for me. A couple more years and I'll be retired or semi retired and I wont need to be as cautious (and I will also be back home in Florida). For now I'm extra careful. Not saying I carry where illegal but I do what needs to be done to protect myself and my family.
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