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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    What about on landing and take off? I asking since I really do not know with almost no information about avionics.
    As a Boeing driver I can say that your drone isnt going to bring me down during any phase of flight unless there are explosives involved, even if you manage take out one of my engines.

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    An ongoing concern, borne from real incidents, are drones put into an active wildfire. With fixed wing and helos dropping retardant in close proximity to ground pounders(and their equipment), extra hardware on scene is NOT helpful. The Incident Commander is quick to put up TFRs, or Temporary Flight Restrictions, which apply to private-commercial-news and DRONE flights. Most folks get the message, but there have been cases where the 'lookie-lou' was taken to court, and prosecuted. Pretty hefty fine...for a lame you tube posting. As posted earlier, the ways and means to negate these intrusions exists...and easily. Oddly enough, CalFire started a program to use on scene drones to; you got it, predict fire behavior!...

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    Getting back to the video:
    First if the agents were "swarmed" by a large number of drones as the video claims, then Id say they were spotted along time before the drones showed up-maybe not by the BGs directly; but certainly by the lookouts in the area.

    Second and more important, I seriously doubt it was a swarm, maybe two or three; more likely a single drone that wouldn't go away. Swarm sounds good on reports; but its not a quantifying number. Those FBI agents had more to worry about than a drone. They fucked up and were spotted then tried to blame drones for their lack of tradecraft--hey maybe it was the Russians...

    Third that video felt an awful Tinfoilish The photos of the drones reminded me of some 1950 Martian Space Invader movie. Orrrrr maybe it was reverse Tinfoil???

    Now that being said I'm not opposed to "shooting down" drones that come over my property. There is enough current case law concerning public and private "air space" as well as trespassing and stalking.

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    Last year there was some blue stationary object that I observed one late afternoon several hundred up about 1/4 mile away. It was not likely any sort of manned aircraft. In that direction it had a view of a local high school, cotton field, and Spenser field an out lying naval airfield for helicopters. Maybe next time I see something like that I should call someone, but I am not sure who. I would be careful about shooting at it since it could belong to the Navy or some other governmental entity using that airfield.
    Circle blue-red area shows location where that 'drone' was sitting and it was much larger than a normal drone.

    Inkedlocation of drone_LI.jpg
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    Edelweiss, has it right. The cops were spotted long before drone(s) launched. They had to have some significant command and control to pull off even a one drone YouTube livestream in the midst of committing the crime. YT must have pulled the original footage or my search is not good, but I could not find the actual footage the gang guys ran.

    Any of you guys get the real footage?


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