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    Lightbulb Revolver Appendix Carry?

    Hello, all. Iím new to the forum and just wanted to share something interesting that I discovered almost by accident.

    Iíve tried appendix carry several times, with different pistols and various holsters, and come to the conclusion it is a giant hoax, intended by the Devil to promote the practice of self torture. I canít even get it to work with my little M&P Shield.

    And then, one day, on a hunch, and because sometimes things that make zero sense, work perfectly after all; I tried appendix carry with my 42 once, custom, 4Ē GP100 with full sized grip. Guess what? I found that for me, it works GREAT! The gun disappears under a loose over shirt. The back of the revolver has a different shape than an auto and doesnít poke me in the stomach, and the narrow barrel doesnít dig into my lower abdomen. Do I wish I had more shots? Yeah, maybe, but since I discovered I could shoot 110 grain Magnums with zero pain, I feel pretty well armed.

    Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else had tried this setup, and what your results were. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    What holster are you using?
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    I've worn everything from a Seecamp .32 to a 7 1/2 inch Super Blackhawk IWB and AIWB. If it works for you, terrific.

    I don't particularly like hammer spurs digging into my rib cage, so I grind them off, which is heresy here (and would not work well on the Super Blackhawk).

    Like many others on this forum, though, I carry full and intermediate sized semiautos AIWB every day. There is some discomfort, but as Greg Nichols would likely say, the juice is worth the squeeze.
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    AIWB just doesn't work for everyone.

    I've got a buddy who is one of the best fighters I know. Knows what he's doing with his hands, a pistol or a rifle. In good shape and doesn't have a "successful life belly". He recognizes the tactical advantage of AIWB but carrying that way drives him nuts. For whatever reason it's too uncomfortable to him. So he carries OWB and drives on.

    Yet I can and have carried up to a 6" barreled G35 with no complaints. Whatever, we're all different.

    I do think that in 2018, carrying a revolver as primary isn't the best choice. If I absolutely could not carry anything but a revolver in AIWB, I'd carry a semiauto OWB, either in lieu of or in addition to.

    Of course I think some choices are better than others, but to each his own. Most important thing from my perspective is to carry quality and to develop fighting/shooting skills beyond reproach. Some tools/methods make it easier to meet that requirement.
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    I dunno...been carrying AIWB since 2005 with no issues. Maybe I am doing it wrong.
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