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    Default Longer Glock Magazines?

    I did a search, and did not see this discussed. I'm probably late to this, but I just noticed that Glock has some options regarding their magazine capacity. I only have 9mm, so I'm looking at the 19 & 24 round magazines. I already use a 17 rounder in a Glock 19.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Good, bad, or blah, blah.
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    The glock oem and ETS seem to be doing well. Especially in the glock pdw.
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    I carry my 23 with the shorter magazine that it came with but the reloads I carry are full size 22 models. Most of my training with the 23 is done with the 22 mags since I have plenty of them and not so many of the 23. I would like to get a extra large capacity magazine in 40 cal but they are not as plentiful and I haven't had the bucks just yet
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    I use the magpul 21 round mags for my 17 and they have been flawless in +/- 5000 rounds. I like them so much in fact I carry 2 on my belt as reloads. They only stick out of the gun maybe a little more than an inch.

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    Iíve had good experience using the Glock 17 & 33-round mags with the G19 & G26.
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    I have 2 of the Glock 22 rnd .40 cal mags in my cache. One I got from Onesource a few years ago and the other I took a chance on used from an lgs. Both have worked perfectly with .40 cal and .357 Sig. Reloads, factory, hollow points, fmj.. doesn't seem to matter. I have been eyeballing the ETS offerings but there always seems to be a better use of the $ I can think of first.

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