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    Quote Originally Posted by Duck52 View Post
    Agreed, does and small bucks taste a lot better. Most people that say they don’t like deer meat either haven’t had it prepared correctly or they are not meat eaters.
    Absolutely. Some of the best swiss steak and peppers/onions/steak strips I've had was with deer meat. I have had "strong" tasting deer meat, but that's because the hunter didn't "do it right" when he dropped that deer. Bleed them, nut them, cut the scent glands off the insides of the back legs and gut them right where they lay. The longer you wait, the more the meat will be affected.

    Deer are funny animals. I've "whistled up" does on several occasions. Stand still, make funny noises (low whistles, popping noises with your tongue/cheek, kissing/smooching noises, etc. and they get curious as hell. I've stood behind a thin screen of brush and tossed dirt clods and rocks at bucks and they run around smelling where the dirt clods/rocks hit till they finally get nervous and pick a direction to head out. Never did whistle up, or make funny noises, and get a buck to come closer, just works on the does (or did for me).

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    Nuthin' more fun than honing your stalking skills on the indigenous population
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    I knew a guy that once tried to rope a deer... it went about as well as you can imagine lol.
    If it's the guy that wrote the story that went around a couple years ago, that's quite the tale.

    I get deer in my yard. They'll get within about 40' of me, and don't give two hoots about my dogs.
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    Had an experience with beef years ago that demonstrates the need for quick kill & proper handling. Bull calf hit by a car, shattered shoulder. Brought to barn and given water late evening. Early next a.m. shot, hung, gutted and skinned. Didn't have the great taste of prime grain fed, but not strong.

    A few months later boss had several head doctored, wormed, vaccinated, etc. three bull calves were castrated and de-horned. No one noticed that one was still bleeding when we left. Next a.m. he was down but not dead. We butchered that one and nobody could eat it. After it was in the freezer, even the dogs wouldn't eat it.

    Young deer, quick kill, quick gut & cool, hang several days/couple weeks in cooler; PRIMO!
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    Indeed, getting close to wild game is a lot of fun. Stalking in or setting a ambush is what I love most about hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    I knew a guy that once tried to rope a deer... it went about as well as you can imagine lol.
    I'll admit..... I read that sentence incorrectly the first time.....created quite the mental image.....and honestly I figured it was a story about Nichols.......

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