My dual illuminated RMRs are dots. Big dots, but still dots. I don't have any battery operated RMRs, so I can't say what the dot would look like to me/my eyes.

My Aimpoint "dot" is a sort of banana that goes from the bottom (around 5 o'clock) on a 25 yd. pistol target at 25 yds. to around 10 or 11 o'clock. It covers a large part of the target. That's with my glasses on. If I take my glasses off, I gets a big old swirly looking "dot" that is very difficult to put on the target in the same spot every time.

Even my DP Pro delta had two triangles, but one is very faint and I have to stop and look for it to see it.

I just put my aimpoint on the latest AR15 carbine build (finished it up yesterday) and went to the range this morning. The aimpoint will come back off of it at some point and a 1X4 scope will go on it like my other carbines. I should probably give that aimpoint to my youngest son.