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    Having both glock and M&P, whichever works best to you and go for it. Your logic on EDC and woods sounds spot on. A family friend (+ 20 years) who is also LE and a allied healthcare worker carries full-size glock 40 on duty and a G23 for EDC. Loves the caliber and has expressed that the fullsize with the extra barrel length and purchase for better control are advantages while on patrol.

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    I personally would carry whatever you would carry on duty and only that as an edc. My biggest concern is switching platform and what you are used to shooting. If I worked patrol and was issued a sig 220, you better believe I would be carrying that gun off duty. If I did carry different weapons off and on duty, they would both be shot all the time. Reason being is, maybe im old school, that consistency will be king when shit goes down. I want to hit what I am aiming at and not put chance to some smaller gun that I don’t normally shoot. If I jump from 1911 to a Glock, there is a rewiring of sorts I have to work out with draw strokes and live fire. Maybe it grip angle, weight, size or all of the above??? But I have noticed it, and I would never feel comfortable switching pistols like changing shoes.

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