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    Default ETS Pistol Magazine Speed Loader

    Does anyone here have any experience using the ETS pistol magazine speed loader?

    I can see how this type of loader works with an AR magazine, but it seems to me that pushing the rounds straight in on a pistol magazine would damage the feed lips.

    Any thoughts?

    ETS Magazine Speed Loader 1.jpgETS Magazine Speed Loader 2.jpg
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    The wife got me one a couple of weeks ago. It works pretty good, but there is a learning curve and break-in period before it loads smoothly. Once the plunger is pushed down below the top of the loader "handle," there is a ramp that matches the angle of the magazine, which doesn't damage the feed lips.

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    I’d have to try one to say for sure. But the uplula has been around forever, is simple and works on just about every pistol magazine in existence.
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