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    Yesterday, I took my new Guttersnipe out for live fire testing, along with a basic G19, a G19 with RMR, and a G17 with RMR. I cannot compare it to a factory Glock. Instead, I see significant contrasts between the new-improved pistol.


    I have put off texture upgrade to Glocks for a long time. "Oh, I don't need to do that". What a mistake on my part. I am a private individual, so I can do what I want. The new texture provides a positive interface between hand and grip. I have a bad habit of squeezing the slick factory grip too hard. I think this new texture will help me solve that problem. Cutting the G17 grip to G19 length is said to improve balance and handling. I do think that is an accurate idea.

    A surprise with this texture is that my support hand thumb has a more tactile index point. This should make my grip more consistent.

    While this was a great experience, yesterday's late spring weather of 64 and 30% humidity was most benign. The new texture will be more valuable to me once the sweltering Gulf Coast summer conditions arrive. Later, I tested this texture while wearing gloves. Definitely solid.

    Another fallacy of the factory "perfection" is the trigger guard. I guess Austrians have unusual fingers, but I have always lightly sanded this area to round over the edges. The Guttersnipe is far superior because the larger arc of the radius gives me a higher and more comfortable grip. The relief under the trigger guard for the support hand index finger adds to the improvement of my grip.

    The latest SI trigger is a joy to use, crisp and smooth.

    I thought I had the good stuff with a couple of Aquaterra slides. They now look kind of plain when comparing with the new Suprmatch slide. The NP3 finish is less shiny, but still lustrous.

    My overall impression: The workmanship and appearance is definitely pleasing to the eye. The improved interface with my hands is giving me increased confidence. I am sure I will have to send another Glock or two for the treatment. How soon depends on how soon i can finally convert my wife to RMR Glocks. If not, more for me!
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