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    Quote Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
    I could hear just fine. Must have super human ears.

    The video and instruction we get from it is ****ing FREE. And the content is FANTASTIC. He's not paying a production and post-production crew to polish it - would you do that for something you're GIVING AWAY?

    You know, people will complain about anything.

    Back on topic, the video was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed not only seeing Gabe's instructional style in more than a brief video, and also seeing a visual representation of the "aha" moment combined with technique explanation. Superb.
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    I was just trying to help with a CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I don't care if it is free or not. Is TRYING TO HELP!!!
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    OK, letís slide back from the keyboards and take a couple deep breaths.

    Two prime goals for WT are sharing critical knowledge and learning from the experienced. Well-intended comments are encouraged and expected.

    When someone has difficulty gaining the knowledge, letís find out whatís missing or confusing and provide it to the commentor or forum.

    1) Is there a portion of the video that you canít hear well enough to understand or,
    2) Is your comment general in nature regarding the entire video?

    If 1), PM me and Iíll help clear up those areas in question.
    If 2), the thread has covered the nature of the recording; IIWII.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Rember kids...these videos are free.
    And appreciated.

    Here's something I should have posted early and often: Thank You.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Rember kids...these videos are free.
    Very appreciative. A 40 minute video is a rare treat.
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