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    Not at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob F. View Post
    .....I find it very difficult to trust a muslim....
    Well at least you are starting to get it. You CANNOT trust a muslim. There are no good muslims, no half muslims, no reformed muslims, no pork on Tuesday muslims BUT there is Taqiya that allows (commands) muslims to lie to infidels so they may kill them. Its all about islam ALL islam.

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    Police have named the suspect in the Toronto van attack as 25-year-old Alek Minassian.
    Mass media is releasing claims that he is a mental case and not political
    The Globe and Mail spoke to a fellow student at the college who says Minassian was good with computers, in particular with special image processing chips.
    The student, who wished to remain anonymous, said Minassian was socially awkward, but never showed any sign that he followed an extreme belief or ideology.

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    Of course not. Now that the media are all on the same page.

    It's encouraging that the Toronto police are seeking a "fulsome" explanation for this behavior:

    adjective: fulsome

    complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree.
    "they are almost embarassingly fulsome in their appreciation"
    synonyms: excessive, extravagant, overdone, immoderate, inordinate, over-appreciative, flattering, adulatory, fawning, unctuous, ingratiating, cloying, saccharine; More
    enthusiastic, effusive, rapturous, glowing, gushing, profuse, generous, lavish;
    informal over the top, smarmy
    "he paid fulsome tribute to his secretary"
    of large size or quantity; generous or abundant.
    "a fulsome harvest"

    Dr. Johnson's dictionary supposedly (I couldn't locate my autographed copy) defines "fulsome" as:

    "nauseous; offensive" and "of a rank and odious smell."

    Sounds about right to me.
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    Warrior for the working day.

    Es una cosa muy seria. --Robert Capa

    2, 6, 6. And a wakeup.

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