A positive review of Gerald Bailey's CRG-2, by a fellow South African.

So the other weekend I went to Close Range Gunfighting 2, a Suarez International South Africa course (check out the Facebook page). As everybody knows, Suarez International leads the field. They pioneer where others stagnate. Their tagline is “gunfighting, refined”. And they deliver on that promise.

Gerald Bailey is the South African instructor for Suarez International, and he did them proud. And I say this despite him mocking me the whole day. But it’s OK, we all made fun of him right back and had a good time of things.

First off & most importantly. While we all had fun, we all improved. We all learned stuff. (Even egotistical know-it-all me was fortunate enough to be humbled by Gerald (a couple times) – many thanks Gerald).

2 mental themes

While the drills were good drills, and they are great for building a solid base, there was a mindset that was repeated throughout that I’m very fond of. I call it “fix it”.