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    Default Pointman VS Stakeout

    I thought the Stakeout was the end of the road for my shotgun thinking BUT then SI released the Pointman braced guns and my eyes are opened again. Ive owned/shot AOWs and SBS guns. I had thought they were the ultimate then the Tac14s arrived and by all accounts the SI Stakeouts take a good idea and make it so much better AND with no travel restrictions.

    Ive watched and read with envy as the Stakeout has performed even at distance. I "get" at least I think I do, that the Pointman is more in the SBS realm. Well sure; but with all that that's been posted about the Stakeout, when would a Pointman excel?

    I'm sort of dreaming of a 12" (no +1) Pointman with a folding brace.

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    I put a brace on my Stakeout and love it. I will probably buy an Amphibian with slug sites and keep the original grip just because. By one and try it both ways.
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    Are you going to actually buy one or cobble one up in yhe garage, post it all over WT, and think its the same?

    Just saying...
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