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Thread: THE 5906

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOLF220 View Post
    I always wanted a 645, just because, yes Iíll admit it, I was a huge Miami vice fan as a kid. Same reason I want a Bren ten. I had a 4506 and while it was pretty accurate, it was a massive gun that only held 8 rounds. I think my glock 21 with 13 230 grain rounds loaded weighs less than that 4506 empty. I ditched it when I got into my sigs.
    I had a DAO version, whatever that was. Had a great trigger, actually smoother than the SIG P220 I had at the time. Very accruate, too. Got rid of it because it was so danged big and graceless, I never felt good carrying it.

    FWIW, the Kentucky State Police -- who made the 125 grain .357 magnum infamous back in the day -- went from revolvers to the S&W 1076 in 10mm. If I remember correctly, this was in part response to the Miami shootout, the FBI weapons reevaluations and probably "Miami Vice" fever. We used to support the KSP alot, especially in counterdrug stuff, and I didn't hear much affection for the gun from the troopers we hung with. It, too, was a monster. Oddly, their issued backup gun at the time were stainless PPKs. Go figure. They later transitioned to G35 and more recently G17s. I've a friend who was a fan of the G35 ... he was in a gunfight with some drug dealers and had great success with the .40 round. Then again, he is a good shot and has the combat mindset, having been deployed several times to Afghanistan to train ANA troops how to fight.

    Yeah, nostalgia is cool. But so is the Modern Gear and Modern Way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    ... It also reminds me not to be tempted to buy a 39 and have it customized by, say, Novak.

    That was then, this is now.
    Well the ASP was a HEAVILY modified S&W39 and the Devel was made from 39's and on special order 59s; but they were pretty special

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    Well I guess Im in the minority a little as well...with a caveat.

    I snagged a 4056 LEO trade in years ago on the cheap. Cant recall really what I paid....maybe <$300. Its the DAO 40 with the bobbed hammer. It came from some dept that initials were TPD. It has night sites that are pretty weak and I added one of those Hogue rubber grip sleeves. The DAO trigger on it is amazingly smooth and I found it to be pretty damn accurate. I purchased it to be a semi disposable truck gun at the time. That never really worked out. It does have a few unnecessarily sharp edges like the trigger guard and the stupid mag disconnect. It is a large heavy handgun compared to anything from today. I figured if I ran it dry I could always smash a skull with it last ditch lol. Right now its my quick access gun in my detached shop if I have a urgent need for something. Google Fu shows a place has some LEO trade in with 5 mags for $350. That wouldnt be bad for a truck gun like I intended if your on a budget.

    I did try I think one of the 5906s (Im not completely sure) at a gun range and thought it was a pos. Very inaccurate it seemed. I couldn't understand why it was so prevalent.


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    In the transition period between the Model 15 .38 Special and the Glock 17 with my PD, 1998 to 2003, I owned and carried a tuned up 5943. A slick 7 lb DAO trigger allowed me more than once, to point it at someone with the trigger staged just like you can with a revolver. I still own the 5943 and it is very close by every day in my current NPE job. I never had any trouble getting hits with it, even on a steel silhouette at 100 yards. I had to be real careful with the Glock 17 after the transition.

    I despised the 5906 type pistol. Although I could make it work and do what I wanted it to do. Same with the 3913. I had two of them at one time.

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    You're getting sentimental.

    I feel that same way about guns I at one time hated, but had to... accept.

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