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Thanks Doc, at last I finally got a response to that question, and one that makes sense too.
Don't get too excited, as I said in post #7, I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to shotguns. You should probably wait until someone with some real credibility comes along and confirms or refutes as needed.

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On another note I find it amusing and enlightening how the context and tactics and equipment has morphed over my years at WT. When I started, the AK was everything, then it was PCCs, and then ARs, along that path shotguns were given some attention; but the idea of any sight except a bead was shunned, BTW so were PG shotguns. Now with the release of a new(or is it old) concept weapon, in the form of the Tac-14, views (and sights) are changing.

I love it, always learning and always looking to see if the guy behind the curtain is the Great Oz....
In my experience, WT has always been about the Indian not the arrow. Things that hold us back are jettisoned, things that propel us forward are embraced. One can be nostalgic about toys, but real tools and tactics require evaluation and evolution on a pretty regular basis. The "six shooter" my grandfather used to protect his own is a very different animal than the one I'll be using.