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    Quote Originally Posted by DogDoc View Post
    Are you doing another shotgun course this year?
    Not this year. I am no longer travelling and all my training is in AZ. And shotgun is a once a year deal. Next year I plan on 4 range classes total. One shotgun, one red dot pistol, one pistol gunfighting and one shotgun class in total.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Avanti...avanti...sempre avanti.
    Yes, indeed! I witnessed the course content develop in front of my eyes. During hydration breaks, the instructor cadre worked together to perfect techniques. Then, back on the line, these revised techniques were presented to me and my classmates.

    Furthermore, my martial arts training is cursory, at best. So, my comprehension of the recent articles on kata has been lacking. Watching Gabe and Brent discuss, perform and analyze karate kata, and then seamlessly adding the shotgun...the lights came on.

    These are examples of the power of good education. Who of us can say we have learned it all?

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    I absolutely love to watch Gabe and Brent work through footwork, their fluidity with their feet is something to behold and aspire to. Once I see it I can do it and possibly refine it, but the innovation of these movements is not something my head does.
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