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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    I think what I learned from the post was that, even if a slug doesn't penetrate armor its gonna leave a mark, wake you up in the morning, knock you on your ass OR just plain kill.

    Yep Id be interested in a AP slug; but only as a specialty round, in a nice to have role; but not mandatory load out.
    I looked into getting them. They aren't like SS190 or M855A1, dime a dozen and easy to get. They are unobtanium. Likely because so little of this ammo is used stateside that there isn't any place for it to over-flow FROM, is my guess. I don't know, though. Just a guess, that.

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    A limited market for sure but maybe worth looking into for someone.


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    Or just shoot them in the face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    Or just shoot them in the face.
    I look upon AP slugs as for an anti-material role rather then for shooting vest bearing goblins.

    I am not looking for any at the moment.
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    Here are some anecdotal reports I found regarding actual incidents:

    I've been present for the shooting of a perp with a 12ga reduced recoil slug and also seen a wound behind a 3A soft vest of a 12ga Remington 1oz std velocity slug.

    The vest wearer sustained significant bruising, broken ribs, and a broken sternum. Significant internal bruising from the backface deformation. Also a punctured lung from the broken ribs. But the slug was technically stopped by the vest
    We had a deputy take a 12 gauge slug to the trauma plate and he survived. He had a lot of damage and had a significant hole due to soft tissue damage to his upper chest. When they pulled the vacuume packing off him when we took him home you could see his ribs. After being shot he was able to return fire and wounded the suspect.
    I will see what else I can dig up from other sources.

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    There is a YouTube video that demonstrates the Stakeout, slugs, and buckshot....very convincing.

    Thanks for doing the video!

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    All survived...I love finding exceptions...

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    I don’t know as I’d want to have survived any of those especially the last dude. As they will never have a life worth living.

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    We all recall the little kid - raised a a very special snowflake - whose every spoken sentence began with, "Yeah but...", and whose sole purpose in life was to present the idea and notion that he knew more than anyone in the room...even if he was just ten years old and had never done a damn thing outside of wiping his own ass for the last six months.

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    Everyone knows at least one of those kids/people!

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