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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    I wonder if I made an NP3, RMR'd flintlock pistol if Edelweiss would actually spend as much money on the company that provides this forum ?

    Just thinking out loud here....
    Probably not but if you did a Ferguson rifle I might...

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    NP3, RMR'd flintlock pistol
    If you like flintlocks sounds like an excellent idea. But I need do my glocks and other guns first.
    One who hammers his gun into a plow plows for those who do not....Unknown the end of the day its not about anything else but YOU AND YOURS..... Gabe Suarez
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    Its not about how fast you can load, but about how well you can shoot ..... Someone being saved by a speed load is not something that has happened with any regularity. Gabe Suarez

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