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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    I wonder if this is well made. I am not in the market for an AK, but for pistols the AK has the advantage of being to use a folding stock making it more compact than most ARs.

    Received an ad for this: IWI (Israel Weapon Industries) Galil ACE 7.62x39 8.3" 30rd Semi-Auto Pistol w/ Side-Folding Stabilizing Brace

    It’s made in Israel it probably works just fine.... The uzi and Galil are very good weapons, I suspect this one surpasses all of them...

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    FWIW - Bought one in this config. before I retired and found the 6lb. unloaded, stripped weight squarely between the hands, rugged hinge system that can fire with brace folded and with red dot on top hits well for me to 100 yds. and a bit more...the only prob. for me is that I have removed the handguard covers and am working to find minimal hand guard rail covers that will fit my medium-sized hands better. The fore-end with the issue panels is too fat for my hands...It has all the controls of the product-improved AK and the polymer lower receiver to save weight has worked solidly locking up the Korean, Romanian and Magpul magazines we have on hand in this caliber. I do need to shoot it more, I admit...adaptable to several types of slings, though I currently favor a single point sling if carrying outside of the vehicle.

    I also use 20rd. metal and Magpul mags for a more compact package when traveling and if I choose to shoot groups from bench or prone when trying out new ammo.......
    It appealed to me in that it would be a good inside truck/travel weapon that would travel not much more compactly in a zippered soft case with 20rd. mags than the Uzi with all its gear.
    I don't plan to hump this around the countryside but it travels well in our truck/ wife and I, both now retired from our long-term jobs never travel without one of us
    armed and something like this or my Gabe-improved 20ga. Tac14 handy in the back passenger area...the 20ga. is something even my wife can shoot, so the reason for my not
    going to the 12ga. Tac14.

    best, redclay7 5/35

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    Addendum - the Galil ACE 7.62X39 6lb. weight is without the brace - a bit more with it but not enough to warrant me getting out my scales...rgds, redclay7 5/25

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