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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post

    Better this:

    "Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

    -Dylan Thomas
    Amen to that one brother! There’s another out there that says something like “...sliding to a stop in a heap of parts (or brass?) burned out and used up...”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Did you do Saifa (Saiha) or Seienchin?
    Yes. The order of the kata I was taught as best I remember was:

    Elbow strike (empi or hiji in the name, I forget the name of it). We called this one a drill, not a kata, but it was very much like a kata.

    Gekisai Ichi

    Gekisai Ni

    Sanchin - considered "advanced", but we were taught it early, and expected to improve in ways beyond just the movements as we advanced in rank. Sanchin was the root, or foundation - you could not expect to master anything else without strong 'roots' and a proper foundation. Everything from your breathing to how your feet grip the floor is important, with a constant emphasis on the solidity of the lower tanden (core muscles of your abdomen and back). I remember this one best, probably due to the constant emphasis, and I still do it as part of my morning workout.

    Seiyunchin - spelled differently than yours, I may be spelling it wrong, or it may just be a different spelling in Kyokushin than Goju. Our Seiyunchin worked from siku dachi to pull your opponent off balance while striking him.

    Saifa - avoiding or escaping your opponent by moving/shifting one's body in the siku dachi stance, then retaliating with hard strikes.





    Rokkishu - I'm told this one is called by another name, but I don't know it.

    There are a couple more I cannot recall the names of at the moment. There were 12 kata that a student had to perform correctly as part of achieving the Shodan rank. Other than Sanchin, I have not done much kata in many years. I did not encounter kata as a fundamental part of the training when I branched out into Boxing, Bando, BJJ, and Muy Thai. Bando did have drills that might be considered similar to kata, but we were taught them as drills. The Gurkha Kukri drills in Bando were sort of a weapon kata to train blocking and striking with the kukri, but they were also called drills.

    Now I am thinking of working (and re-learning) the Goju kata back into my training.
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    I practice one called Roppo Hiji-ate - “Six Elbow Strikes”. It is from the Naha family but it isn’t in the Goju-Ryu curriculum to my knowledge. Perhaps they are the same. I will film it tomorrow.
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