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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike O'Leary View Post
    Itís not a convertible but itís my summer fun car. 1970 SS Chevelle. 496 ci stroker big block with a healthy dose of nitrous. Makes about 800 hp on the bottle. Best run is 9.49 at 153 mph in the 1/4mile.
    Man. She's a beaut. That 1/4 mile time is smoking.

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    Dang..... Now I'm getting the itch... Funnest cars I've ever owned were a 85' Fiat X19 Bertone, 86' Porsche 944, and 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth.... I totally need a driving car. The Hummer is fun but it doesn't really handle, or accelerate.
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    The Bertone was not a powerhouse, but very precise. Buddy of mine had one in high school and gave me fits in my MG trying to keep up. Big fun. Treat yourself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coastalcop View Post
    Thankfully we have pretty much year around topless weather here. But i am bringing out my PRHT Miata more often . Not as nice or quick as some others have posted here, but Id rather drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow. Quick pic before the suspension work. And with the top UP :( .
    I bought a Miata when I first came home from Desert Storm. I was doing an EP assignment for the 3 Star that took over for Schwarzkopf and all he talked about was his Miata that he bought just before deploying. I heard it enough that when I came home to a Pick Up with a blown transmission, I had to have a Miata. Back then they sold for $3-5K above sticker. I loved that car. It was White with racing stripes. The only thing it was practical for was having fun... Back in those days there were guys in Cali offering to put Mustang 5.0 engines in them. I never took them up on that; but I dreamed about it...

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    2014 BMW Z4 with the 4-cyl 2.0 and 8-speed auto transmission. Daily driver with retractable hardtop up, but burn in the sun fun for the other 8 months. Very surprising how much fun to drive. It is not the fastest, best handling or most expensive 2-seater out there, but I almost never have a top-down day go by without pleasing comments—today from three very old ladies!
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    In a previous life, had a 1957 Morgan 2+2 roadster. Very hot little thing. Now, I've got a Husqvarna, nice 48 inch cut. Bright orange. Runs like a top!

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    Triumph, '78 Spit....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Dang..... Now I'm getting the itch... Funnest cars I've ever owned were a 85' Fiat X19 Bertone, 86' Porsche 944, and 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth.... I totally need a driving car. The Hummer is fun but it doesn't really handle, or accelerate.
    I had the X19 fix it again tony. You had to learn yoga to get the clutch master cylinder out from under the dash (hang your legs out the removed Targa). Loved driving it, hated working on it.

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    Here around Richmond there are a lot of rich folks with their foreign (and GM/Ford) convertibles. I have to laugh every sunny day in Feb/Mar when I see them going down the road with the top down, the windows up and hats/gloves on to stay warm.

    It ain't convertible weather till you don't have to dress up like you're going skiing and run the heater wide open.

    I never had a convertible. Just the Z28's with T-tops.

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    Hereís me on my summer toy. It doesnít have much acceleration for some reason.
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