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    Default Landscape Camo Stencils Review

    Hey all.

    This review has been a LONG time coming.

    In July I was suggested by a friend in RUS to contact Sergei Yusin of Landscape Camouflage Stencils.

    I did and we reached a deal. After mentioning them here on WT a friend suggested I post a writeup.

    The stencils arrived for a different project, but I`ll be writing about my experience using them with my Midwest Industries AKM/AK74 quadrail and a magazine to match.

    The product ships in a plastic sleeve and comes with a single page instruction paper. That was promptly tossed because it`s about as hard as tying my shoe or walking backwards to apply these stickers.

    They peel easily off the wax paper and stick to your choice item with zero drama. It should be mentioned application can be aided with heat (lighter). Just bear in mind that these are plastic after all, and too much heat WILL make them melt!

    Anyways, here are some "Before" pictures:

    Computer trouble is keeping me from pics for now. Nothing wrong with WT!
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    Looking forward to seeing. I hope to get a camo project in this summer, so been looking at ideas lately.
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