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    Default LOADOUT ROOM: The Suarez Face Shooter Extreme Duty Trigger

    Hop Up Your Glock: The Suarez Face Shooter Extreme Duty Trigger

    March 12, 2018 by Travis Pike 0 Comments
    The Glock automatic pistols are well known for their reliability, ease of disassembly and ease of use. They are simple, Spartan weapons that do their job. You pull the trigger and the gun goes bang. While overall they are great guns they donít do anything exceptionally well. The sights arenít great, the trigger is meh, and the grip is terrible. The good news is its pretty easy to Frankenstein your Glock with better sights, better triggers, and basically each and every part can be swip swapped. This Gen 4 Glock 17 MOS is my first Glock and my first upgrade is the Suarez Face Shooter Trigger and the Suarez firing pin.
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    I bought 4 face shooter triggers.

    Glock 23 gen 4
    Glock 43 gen 4

    Glock 19 gen 3
    Glock 26 gen 3

    I haven't installed the 19 and 26 yet, awaiting 3.5# connectors.

    I love the Glock 23 trigger. The Glock 43 trigger is also very good per dry fire. Awaiting range time.

    I was unhappy with the stock Glock triggers and almost decided to sell my Glocks and move to Sig or HK to get a trigger I was more happy with. Now I am satisfied and can enjoy the other virtues of the Glock without whining that my trigger finger hurts after extended shooting.

    Installation was simple and everything fit well.

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