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    Default Siale Angilau Courtroom Shooting

    But he didndunuffin...

    Couple thoughts / questions on this:

    - The female marshal that fired didn't seem to have a very clean backdrop. Even if she had drawn sooner how could she have taken shots without endangering the people behind him? Is the answer "too bad, take the shot?" or is this one of those situations where an angle could be useful (drop to knee, perhaps)?

    - Why didn't the judge get the f*** up? And why did it take so long for his security (guys in white, I assume) to get him out of there? Perhaps I'm being overly critical?

    - It looked like most people didn't really know what to do, and didn't even react out of fear. They were just kind of...stunned. I suspect that kind of reaction is common in situations like this. The only person that reacted kind of quickly...was the guy on the stand. He looked like he got up and back pretty quick.

    Any other thoughts? What else could be learned from this?

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    All in all it was a fairly quick reaction for all (active) parties involved. 3 seconds from grabbing the pen until shots fired. And as it should be verbal commands were given to the perforated, bleeding body.
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    The people who were suppose to move did so in reasonable time. As for the judge not moving,'s a judge. Most of the judges I know would have frozen solid. There was enough movement there in the room that I would not have taken a knee. I would have kept my mobility. The guys there pretty speedily resolved the problem.
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    Worked out OK...."I guess he had that one acomin' !"

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    The inmate testifying moved fast!

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