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    I had jury duty last summer at the county courthouse. Had to do the standard pocket dump into the tray and then walk through the detector. Had my Heretic (wrapped in paracord and everything) with me, it went into the tray with everything else. The officer working the checkpoint took special notice of it. The conversation went like this:

    Officer (holding Heretic, looking closely at it): "What is THIS, is it a knife?"

    Me: "Nope, bottle opener."

    Officer (now with a big friendly smile on his face) : "Oh, haha, I used to carry one of those everywhere too. Don't do as much drinking nowadays though. Here you go" (handing it back)

    Me: "Thanks, have a nice day."

    I found that interesting, that even though he was immediately quite suspicious of it, all it took to make him accept it was stating matter-of-factly that it was a bottle opener. He didn't even give it second thought after that. Couldn't pull that off with a ceramic knife.
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    I saw this article and immediately thought of this thread...

    I'm not sure how pointy you could make this stuff, but I bet it would beat a #2 pencil by a good margin.
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    if we are reverting to wood...American Hornbeam is my choice.

    once one opens their minds...everything is a weapon.

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