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    Gents, those of you that are hunters have probably been made aware of all the wonders of balance in nature ? Well, balance is good in moderation ....
    I am planning a hunt for elk in Wyoming and have been reviewing stats and u-tube video and reports of hunters who have been dealing with the increased Griz activities in the area I will be hunting, it has been described as the most densely populated Griz area in the lower states. Defence is a word one can use for the situation, fending off an attack is a better description.
    The terrain is mountainous, the probability of contact with ursulas horribilus is high. What would you carry, the main firearm is a 300 weatherby the side arm choices are both S&W's, a 3" 41 mag with 230gr hardcasts from HSM at 775 fpe from a strongside hip holster or a 5" 44 mag with 300-365 gr hardcasts with aprox 1100 fpe from a cross draw forward of the weak side hip for ease of access and speed. The longer bbl is nice but is slower if a strongside hip holder is used.

    When and if the SHTF the average charge is 20 yds or less and without warning. I can work the bolt fast on a rifle however Ill bet a 2nd shot is a fairytale and the side arm only deployed once I posses teeth marks.
    Since the issue is basically a contact distance matter, does FPE really matter between the two? I have considered a semi in 10, but with the carnage usually seen time is not on the side of the target and multiple shots probably wont be possible. I think a more powerful payload delivered once is the key?
    What say ye?

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    Is it the official "Day of the Bear Gun" or what?

    Read this:
    Virtute et Armis

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    If I am carrying a hunting rifle on a sling, the positioning of pistols carried outside on the belt can be important. I would opt for a bandolier or tanker type of holster. People carrying fully loaded single action pistols w/o transfer bars have been shot in their legs when rifle slings slipped off their shoulders to strike the pistol with the scope. You might also carry with the holster in the small of the back which keeps it out of the way.

    I am saying make your decision based in part on how you will be carrying your rifle.
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    You may bump into a bear while stalking, but be very careful approaching a downed elk to get second load. Dump guts away from the carcass and only approach with eyes open and rifle ready to shoot. Most guys get grizzled trouble when packing out, both at the carcass and carrying out meat.

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