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    Ohh no. Definitely NOT my only gun. Its just a play thing that has been driving me crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim1855 View Post
    Just a question. How high is your scope over the barrel? A dimension from the barrel to scope center will answer part of the question. Scopes on AR pattern guns are usually about 2.5" to 2.75" high. I know this isn't an AR but the scope is still some distance above the barrel.

    I'm just curious.

    I don't have a precise measurement but the guestimate is that its around 2.5 to 2.75 above the bore.
    "Tactical Meercat"

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    I did a quick calculation and with what seemed to be "normal" loads and ballistics and it would be possible to have a 6-7" high 100 yard hit with a 50 yard zero but the sights would have to be 7" or so above the bore-line. Seemed unusual but with adapting to military designs most anything is possible.

    Wish I could help. Hope you get it figured out.


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    Default It wasn't even fun to shoot

    Quote Originally Posted by MrGatoMan View Post
    Ohh no. Definitely NOT my only gun. Its just a play thing that has been driving me crazy.
    You may have picked the worst possible rifle ever produced on this planet to try to make shoot. There are plenty of Brit SMLE's and such that are capable of fine accuracy after being tuned up by experienced gunsmiths. The jungle carbine and copies of it just will not shoot. I owned a real jungle carbine in the 60's. It wasn't even fun to shoot with the recoil and muzzle blast. Much less the wandering zero.

    Somebody else said modern cheap bolt guns are better. I agree. I would not bother with it. And generally, I think every rifle can be OK. But not the jungle carbine.

    I sold mine to my cousin for 75 bucks just before I enlisted in 1969. He didn't have it for very long either.....

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