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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    Off on a tangent from ankle BUGs:

    I'm betting this PGS evolution also involved initial practice on how to fall without injury.

    The importance of this was brought home today as I walked along the gravel driveway, hands in pockets against the cold.

    A picturesque dusting of snow hid the ice I stepped on. When I hit the ground I was on my back. My hands were magically out of my pockets and my forearms helped break the fall. I was already rolling to my right side to get onto my feet.

    Momentary soreness left elbow, small bruise heel of left hand where my watch stem poked me.

    No decision made. Automatic response.
    I did not attend this class but have spent most of my life in the study of combatives, striking and grappling...

    In Home Depot (polished concrete floors) around the holidays they like to give out glittery ornaments. My girl knows that big tough daddies fear only glitter... and sharks in deep water. So while Jr staff and I were embarrassing the XO chasing each other around with the stupid ornaments I almost ran over a grandma. The rapid course correction to avoid her put my foot onto a patch of sawdust by the cutting saw and I was on my back sliding to the feet of startled other guy laughing my ass off before I knew what happened. Head/chin tucked hands up front, feet legs up.... The kid said it was epic... but I think I made the grandma and the dude excrete a little bit. Good training leaves foot prints. I can tell you bouncing my dome off the concrete would be a bad day...

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    I've been short on time so I haven't been able to edit the video from the class. Hoping to do a little of that tonight.

    But this thread also reminds me that I need to do some video showing how to train & prepare for falling.
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