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    Thanks again, Gabe.

    "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" Alan Temby
    "Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth"- Oscar Wilde.

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    I do thank WT for instilling the correct mindset in me... my wife although liberal even sees the “necessary evil” of myself being armed since we’ve had our daughter. Signs don’t mean anything and even laws... as long as I’m not entering a scanned Federal premises... concealed means concealed.... minimum of my SI-319... or 300BLK AR with plenty of rounds.

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    The Luby's Massacre in Killeen, Texas (October 1991) was my closest experience with what we face on a more regular basis today. George Hennard drove his Ford F150 through the glass windows (floor to ceiling) of the cafeteria, got out and began shooting his Glock .9mm. It was a slaughter. My wife and I were on our way there and would have been seated by the time Hennard arrived. However, my wife was on-call at the hospital and carried a beeper. She didn't want to be too far away in case she was called in. So, we ate at a closer greasy-spoon place instead. By the time we got home, the message on the answering machine was a STAT call - all hands on deck at hospitals and med centers. The casualties from Luby's were coming in. Pics of the crime scene are on Google. Some are of the victims, so be forewarned.
    "Stuck on Stupid." A place none of us wants to be. That's why we train.

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