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    Default Choosing a new

    My agency is phasing out Glock 21 and Glock 30S for on Duty Carry in favor of a Glock 17 or 19. I plan to pick up both, my question lies in which generation? With the exception of the Glock 43, all of my guns are gen 3. Anybody in favor one way or the other of gen 3 vs. gen 4? I'm not even considering a generation 5 at this point. We purchase our own weapons at my agency.

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    With the exception of my G41, which only comes in Gen 4, I'm invested in Gen 3. I wanted everything to be compatible.

    Gen 3 is easier if you ever want to turn a G17 into a Glock PDW (though modifying the Endo unit is easy enough on a Gen 4, it's just more work).
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    Gen 4 is equally supported now but I still have all Gen 3’s. Can’t really go wrong seeing as you’ll need all new everything, anyway.
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    Wait until they decide and only use that gun. That’s what I would do. Either 17 or 19 is the only ones I would want anyways. Just wait, free guns are better....

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    Since I carry iwb and the pistol rides against my skin I went with and have stayed with gen3. The gen4 has fairly aggressive texturing when compared to the gen3. This reason is the only reason I choose gen3 over the gen4.
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    Gen 3 all day. I like Gen 4s but not as much as 3.

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    I buy Gen4 if Iím buying new. The trigger may not be as good, but beavertail backstraps OEM are a must for me.

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    Gen 3.

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    All of mine are Gen 3 with the exception of the G43. Although I like how the grip on the Gen 4 feels in my hands without any added back-straps, all of mine have been totally reliable, so I haven't really felt any compelling reason for wanting a Gen 4 or Gen 5.
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    I've moved to all Gen 4's. Like the grips better, sans backstraps.
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