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    Default how small will a CAT / SOF tourniquet go?

    I'm sketching out a tourniquet trainer - what is the smallest a CAT or SOF tourniquet go?

    There used to be a medical forum around here, did it die off?

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    A TQ trainer? If you mean manual that's pretty simple, buy Beating the Reaper from SI If you mean a training TQ, that's just a TQ you use for training only and don't carry.

    As far as the CAT I don't recall the exact measurement in inches but it's basically no smaller than the length of the platform of the TQ, this is why I like the Cav Arms TQ for daily carry. It's cheaper, smaller, and works on any size limb. The CAT is a better self applied TQ for adults.
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    Sorry I meant a dummy a TQ can be used on - how big around do I need to make the 'limb' - I had a case of the morning stupids - the fake can be roughly the size of my bicep, over thinking.

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