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    Default I think I have become one of "those" people...

    So I have become something I never use to understand and thought were dumb when I was younger; I was the dumb one. By that I am reading labels, avoiding a lot of things, some things I just won't eat now and so on and so forth. As an example I just made my own homemade paleo ranch dressing. Its the latest thing I am improving because while I grew up on Hidden Valley Ranch there are things in it I wish to avoid. I also recently stopped using pre shredded cheese and have now added shredding cheese to my food prep routine for the week. I do it while watching stuff on my computer so its easy.
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    Meals today

    Breakfast: Four eggs and shredded organic staek with Casi Cielo Coffee.

    Lunch with Shield Maiden: 1/2 pound Vaquero Burger with everything except the Brioche Bun. And a salad rather than the fries. "Yes...I know its an extra charge"

    Dinner: Shredded Chicken and another salad.

    I like being "One of Those People" because I have nothing at all in common with the mediocrity seekers.
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    5 eggs, half pound beef patty, hash browns, no toast. "Stupid Good" coffee. Hell yeah I ate the spuds. I'm mostly German and married to an Irishwoman.

    Wimped out for lunch. A cup of blueberries, 2 cups of Fayeh, a scoop of whey protein. And a cup of Italian instant.

    Supper will be whatever I can down after I lift until I puke.

    Food pyramid be damned.
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    I'm still trying to figure out if I eat alot of grains so I can ruck or run alot, or ruck and run alot so I can eat alot of grains.... ��

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    I’m just glad that shit food makes me feel sick. Pastas and bread have never agreed with me so I have always ate pretty well. My involvement in the US program and concerns about diet from a young age also reinforced in what I eat.

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    I have been "one of those" people for a long time now.

    Yesterday we had a get together for the game that will not be named.i made fresh cut salsa, homemade Ranch dressing (not from a packet), onion dip (again, from spices and ingredients from my kitchen) and homemade teriyaki sauce. I also made homemade Mac and Cheese. I normally make the pasta, but ran out of time, but made sure what I used had very few ingredients and I used real cheese for my cheese sauce (cheddar and pepper jack).

    I started eating like this about five years ago. We keep very little processed food around the house and as I learn more about canning, that goes list goes down all the time. We only keep things around for power outages....stuff that can easily be heated in the wood stove. I also utilize my Instant pot a lot for making fresh beans, etc.

    Anything that can be bought in a jar, box or can can be reproduced in the home kitchen without all of the added mystery "ingredients"

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    Welcome to the critical eaters club.

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    My favorite is going to breakfast with coworkers, asking for 3 extra eggs in my omelette and no toast. Then they all act like “wow you ate 6 eggs” as they eat 3 eggs, a mountain of homefries, toast and a pancake.
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle

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    The dressings and bbq sauces I've been making are getting rave reviews from everyone who's tried them. "Oh, flavor!" I'm waking up my family, friends. Everything doesn't need to be candy. And, oh, F' candy.

    Canning and farmer's markets are starting to look like solid retirement options... along with pen-testing.

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    Tag because I'm fat and need to pay attention.

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