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    "How in this age of instant information can you let a malfunctioning pistol slip out of the plant?"

    Easy - most of the time they are fired with one magazine at the most, then declared ok to ship and sell. Not much of a measure of reliability.

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    For those who just gotta have their Surefires......

    Could a "step-up" rail be attached to the Sig 365 mini-rail so that a "regular" sized light could then be attached? Yes - defeats the original concept - but it would keep some happy:) And Rube Goldberg would love it.

    geezer john

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed is Life View Post
    Yes, definitely waiting for extended experience because, you know, Sig...

    XO is interested, I'm interested for outdoor activities where the gun will get sweated upon, and probably submerged. No optic or light. I need to be able to dump it without a second thought too.
    Think the Nitron finish will hold up well to that?

    I've been thinking I want an NP3'd G43 for that purpose. Humidity and sweat making daily lubing necessary for guns or blades carried during exercise 9 months of the year in SC except for my tennifer/nitrocarb Glocks and Spydercos in H1.

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    Update: Not the SIG I have been firing but another guy I know who has one isn't happy because after a few boxes of ammo his 365 is broke. It jams every few rounds and he is not happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    ) I carry a SIG p239 DA/SA
    Do you have an opinion on kahr for now carry? They usually have a long trigger pull.

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    The Kahr's trigger is more like a DA only -- smooth and longer than a typical striker fired pistol -- but I would be leery of holsterless carry as the stock trigger pull on mine is just barely over 7 lbs. A DA/SA Sig is going to give you a lot more safety margin as the DA pull will be 10 pounds or more.
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