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    I would urge a little caution about shotguns on steel targets. We were merrily banging steel with buckshot, no problems. Using high grade commercial pepper poppers. Even shot some slugs with no problems. Then "OUCH" a chunk of soft lead from a 1-oz slug came right back and got the RSO in the shin. Not the whole slug, just a chunk of it. Nasty little wound and soured all of us regarding slugs on steel.

    Distance from the shooter to the target was about 7 yards, and the RSO was a few feet behind the shooter. Guy

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    Going back to the early days of combat shooting in this area (1974-75) we started with steel targets. It became a standard practice to put steel no closer than 10 yards. 7 yards is much to close in my experience. Even at 10 yards you will get some splatter on occasion.
    Also, never mount the steel plate/target ridgedly. It should be loose enough to give a little with impact. That helps direct the splatter down toward the ground instead of back toward you.
    All the above applies equally to handguns and shotguns.
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    When I'm not in the mood to make a long drive to the range, I visit a nearby state-owned public hunting area and find an out of the way spot. Nobody is too surprised to hear gunfire coming out of there....

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