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    Default Suprema 00Buck: Surprisingly good ammo.

    My local Wal-Mart started selling 25 round boxes of Suprema 00Buck for $10. It's made in Spain, and distributed in the USA by Tula (I know). For $10 per 25, I thought, "what the heck," and bought 50 rounds. I wasn't expecting much, and by that, I mean I was expecting it to perform like absolute crap.

    Boy, was I wrong. I don't know how, but this stuff is actually pretty awesome. It's a full power 9 pellet 00 Buck load at 1250 fps (as reported by other reviews I've read, the velocity isn't actually advertised, and I don't have a chrono.) It doesn't kick any harder than a 1 1/8oz birdshot field load in my Tac-14, and my barrel isn't ported. I can only imagine it would kick even less in a ported S.I. Stakeout. The crimps are all neat and clean. I tested the patterns out of that gun at 3, 5, 7, and 10 yards, and they were all nice and uniform, with about the standard "1 inch per yard" spread. I was honestly shocked at such good performance out of such cheap ammo. As a nice bonus, I fired 10 rounds at night, and discovered that this round has almost no muzzle flash. Great for preserving night vision.

    Really, this ammo impressed the hell out of me considering its price. The only thing that remains to be seen is if it is reliable (by that I mean, will every round ignite when I drop the hammer?). I'm going to go back and clean the store out of this ammo, and then test the shit out of it in my two 870's (one stocked 18", and one Tac-14). If it turns out to be 100% reliable, I'm going to be one very happy shotgunner.
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    We need pics to satisfy our gun porn addiction. 8)
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    I saw a post elsewhere from 2014
    Walmart has started selling what must be a "house" brand of ammo. "Suprema" made by Tulammo in Spain. To be fair I have only fired 50 rounds of one load. That is 12ga 00 buck 9 pellets #TAS12000. I have used it twice now with the same problem both times.It left a almost plastic crud in the first 6" of the barrel . After half an hour of scrubbing it's NOT gone! I used Hoppe's #9 and lead remover with a stiff bore brush. Then I tried hot water and dish soap. Still got crud. A clean patch still comes out black and I can see the gunk in the bore. Need a new solvent.

    It did not preform well.Winchester military grade is what I compared it to. The recoil was a little less with the Suprema but not all the rounds "felt" or "sounded" the same. At the 40 yard berm (ya that's long for buck shot) the Win Mil had a "useable" pattern. The Suprema had tight and very wide patterns. Also a strange dust from some of the rounds.

    In 50 years of shooting and reloading have never seen this.

    Again to be fair I have only fired this one loading.

    I do not know if the ammo has been improved since then.
    When foreign shotguns loads are reviewed it is always a good idea to break down one load and examine the buckshot for hardness, wt, and diameter. Also the wadding can be important.
    I mention shot sizes because sometimes what overseas people call 00 buck may be smaller than what americans call 00 buck.
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