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    I sold my 308 I built, I will try to get pictures. I will post one of my lapua after a bit.

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    I have a 6.5x55 Mauser with a 30 inch barrel. I’ve scoped it and installed a timney triggerthen placed it in a fiberglass stock. I’ve planned to cut the barrel to 22 inches, but it shoots so good with the long barrel, I’m hesitant to cut it. I have an 8mm Mauser I’ve never modified.
    My go to bolt gun for hunting is a ruger m77 rsi in 308. It is scoped with a 2x7 Leopold. Light,accurate.

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    My precision rifle:

    HS Precision H2000 in 308.

    Factory HS Precision adjustable stock

    Smith vortex brake.

    Luepold MK4 3.5-10 in Badger rings

    Harris Low bipod (its probably coming off as I prefer to shoot off my pack).

    i don’t even remember what sling.

    Shoots both 168 and 175 FGMM better than I can hold the rifle.

    I have ave no plans to make any changes on this rifle.

    The rifle fled came out of a deal where the guy needed money. The scope seemed the logical choice at the time 7-8 years ago and I really like it. I harbor no spank fantasy’s that I am some Uber ninja sniper at 1000 yards. 600 ish is about my practical limit because of available ranges to practice at (I usually work the 2-400 yard envelope as that seems more practical.

    Hunting orecision rifle:

    Factory stock Sauer 200 in 30/06

    a 25 year old Sawarovski 3-9x32 sits atop it in factory rings.

    The Vero Velenni sling that came with it is on the gun.

    It loves Federal Premium 165 gr TSX and after all these years still shoots MOA if I do my part.

    Its longest intentional shot shot at game was a lasers 296 yds on a Gemsbuck in SA that collapsed in its own hoof prints.

    Its longest unplanned shot was apporx 450 yards the next morning on a white Springbuck I pained but only stunned.

    Hunting i I prefer shots 200 yards and under.

    specialty preslcisuon?

    Custom XP-100

    completly trued action

    14.5” Douglas Barrel 1-10 twist

    250 Savage

    HS Precision stock

    Rifle Basix trigger.

    Whole guns weighs 4 pounds 6.5 ounces. with iron sights.

    It has o my been scoped for Los development but I can red ops it in a heart beat and it fits in a tool box.
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    My bolts are mostly for hunting. A Steyr Pro Hunter carbine with a Zeiss Conquest 3x9 is my primary bolt action. It has the scope mounted in detachable rings and backup iron sights. It's a sub MOA shooter in .308. It's backup is a Browning A-Bolt .308 wearing a Leupold Vari-X III 1.5x5 compact scope. I intend to put something else together that's a little more tactically minded, but have not taken the time. To be honest the Steyr shoots so well as to make it almost pointless.

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    My match rifle:

    Savage Short action
    Rifle Basix Trigger
    Cadex Chassis
    20 MOA EGW Rail
    28" bartlein barrel 1:7.5 twist (I think) chambered in 6slr.
    Nightforce ultralight High Rings
    Sig Tango 6 5-30x56 with Dev-L reticle
    Zero Delta Muzzle break, but it usually wears my suppressor
    I'll have to dig up some pictures. It was chambered in a 260 Remington with a schilen barrel, but that barrel burned up. It was a good barrel and had the expected life, I just was able to shoot it alot. I also have a 308 barrel for this setup

    New build that the gunsmith is working on:
    AEM Bedrock Hunter Action (Defiance Deviant) 338 LM Melonite bolt and action Heavy Tang, 20 MOA base, 700 angle handle Fluted bolt
    Manners EH1 Elite Tac Midnight 2 flushcups left 1 flushcup rear center Pic rail forend
    Timney Calvin Elite Trigger at 2 Pounds
    Benchmark 338 1:9.4 Long Shank RV Finished at 26" Deep Flutes Chamber 338 Lapua Mag Muzzle threaded 5/8x24 Thread protector
    Bottom Metal M-5 CIP Detachable Bottom Metal 1 x 3 round CIP 338 Mag
    Cerakote BBl/Action Barrel and Flutes to customer choice

    Things I'd change: Maybe build another just like my 338 Lapua in a 6.5 something (probably 6.5x284 or 6.5 GAP, or SAUM, or, well the list of great 6.5's goes on. Would be used for deer/antelope)
    Maybe put an MPA chassis on my match rifle and maybe upgrade my match rifle to a defiant action. All in all, I have a great smith and it shoots sub 1/2 MOA groups so I don't really have any complaints
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    The only bolt gun I own is a Weatherby Vanguard, though I've considered this stock for it : I'm unsure that I shoot it enough to warrant the investment. I know it's far higher quality with better usability than the original but hard to justify for something I rarely shoot more than once a year.
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    Yugo M48 Mauser, re-barreled with a 2 grove P-17 .30cal barrel cut for .308. Floated and bedded but I would like to drop it in a Byod's stock and pillar bed it. I just have not been willing to tear it back apart again.
    She has been out to 800yrds with ease. Out to 600 with hold offs.
    I just cut it down from 22" to 16.5 for a host to my can. She shoots sub MOA everyday a FGMM 168gr BTHP, and 165 BTSP before the cut. I will update after I run her enough to tally the change.
    Glass is fixed Bushnell Elite 3200 Rifle Scope 10x 40mm Mil-Dot Reticle. Trigger by Timney.




    Here is an old picture of the M48 with the Remington 5R which has moved on to green pastures. It was wearing a SWFA 10x with mil-dots

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    On the 15th of January I sent two rifles to a local professional (and trusted personal friend) for professional refinishes, one was my dear AKS74 (which got Cerakote) and the other was my R700 ADL in .308. It got a bit more of a specialty touch courtesy of some friends abroad sending stencils for "my guy" to play with, and I couldn`t be happier with the results.

    The camouflage pattern is an old Soviet type, formally it`s referred to as "KLMK", but in most circles it it "Berezka". Some debate exists about whether KLMK refers to the white variant (replacing the gold/mustard yellow with white) and Berezka referring to the gold variant, but there is little concrete information on it. The pattern dates to the 1970s, and was one of the first digital patterns. It`s still popular in some foreign military units as well.

    The plan for this rifle is to affix a 1-piece scope mount to replace the factory 2-piece (looking at the EGW model) and add a nice scope in the 2-7 magnification range. I`m looking hard at the Vortex Crossfire II in that magnification, but I`d much prefer a 30mm tube. I`m also intending to go for a larger bolt knob, but that will wait until the scope is affixed and good to go.




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    Ft. Riley, KS
    Remington 700 SPS AAC-SD mounted in a XLR Element chassis...

    - Timney 510 set to 2lbs.
    - Nightforce 20MOA base & rings
    - AAC 51t muzzle brake (mostly to protect the barrel crown)
    - Fluted bolt w/ large tac knob
    - SSFA 10x SS Scope (solid scope and good bang for the buck, but I need to upgrade soon)

    I also have a Remington M1903a4-gery that I had built off a reclaimed receiver w/ a reproduction M82 scope. Out to about 400m it can hold its own with my R700. Past that the anemic scope can't keep up.

    No pics cuz I'm in Korea.
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    Gradous Built .308. Surgeon 591 Action, Schnider Marine Corp Polygonal bbl. Hightforce NSX Scope. Mcmillian A-5 Stockfullsizeoutput_6ce.jpg

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