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    Ruger Precision,6.5CM can easily reach out to 1,000 with the 140 Gr Eld Hornady.Got tired of going to Gunsmiths.Mossberg MVP Patrol in 308,Vortex 2-5 scope with good ammo very accurate,Interarms Mini Mauser .223 .Was a restoration project was kept in pick up truck behind seat.Got rid of synthetic stock that was beat up found original wooden on Internet.Blue coating was like new barrel ,receiver bolt etc.Had a trigger job done on it and bedded barrel.Great little gun need to get a different scope for it as a Leupold 4 full power.Last but not least a Ruger American Ranch rifle.7.62 X 39.3-9 Vortex scope on it .Initially used Wolf ammo in it got average groups at 100 yrds.Tried some Red Army Standard and Hornady Black it now shoots sub MOA at 100 YRDs.

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    My favorite bolt gun is a custom built rem 700 6.5 Creedmoore in a ATR chassis system with a detachable box magazine. Surgeon bolt knob and a timney flat trigger set at 2.5 lbs, also has a Leupold Mk5 5-25x50 scope mounted on a 20 moa rail. Harris bipod and competition sling. Has a AAC muzzle brake that accepts a 308 can. Longest hit so far is 1250 yards.

    Most factory rifle will shoot 1 moa at 100 yards but when you really want to reach out there, the entire rifle system must be fine tuned to eliminate as many variables as possible. I look at scopes as the restrictor plate for rifles. I see many guys buy good rifles and install cheap scopes and wonder why the gun preforms poorly.
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