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    Quote Originally Posted by Web Services View Post
    The fat guy is what happens when you get indoor plumbing, microwave food, dunkin donuts, Netflix and chill.
    No chill. Unless you mean reefer chill.
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    Originally netflix and chill meant watching netflix and chilling out on the couch alone. Recently its become watch netflix then have sex with someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    Did no one notice that this pic is posed. Its a studio photo, note the backdrop.
    Yes, I noticed that.

    I also don't think those are his normal earrings. Back in the early 90s I had my ear pierced, and wore some "cool" earrings. Even the short dangly ones were a PITA when moving and would often get hung up on stuff. One time in Raleigh I saw a dude with a chain from his ear to his nose get in a fight with the band.

    It did NOT go well for him that day.

    Big earrings are NOT the choice of a warrior fighting todays battles.

    [quote]I'm not saying he's not a warrior, just that the picture isn't "real", its akin to one of those fake western dress up pics you can have taken at "Frontier Town". Maybe hes real, maybe not.

    When I got my picture taken in "Dress Blues" in Marine Corps boot camp, the blouse was more like a cape that you put on backwards. The hat was the studios.

    Did that make it less "real"?

    THAT being said hes not someone Id want to F with or have walking up behind me in a dark alley in Baltimore City-but then why would I be in a dark alley in Baltimore City?
    Waiting to ambush someone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Payne View Post
    Brent and Greg both nailed it imho. I can visualize pic #1 killing and eating pic #2. One is hunter predator and one is prey.
    I get the idea behind high-fat low carb diets, but geeze man, there ARE limits.

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    In picture #1 individual doesn't bother looking for Mecca.

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    pic 1 cool
    pic 2 yeah ok



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    I don't think those tusks are earrings... more like a headdress?
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    Fake pics taken around the Chicago area? BLM/ Antifa recruiting posters? If is a recruiting poster, how did they get their hands on FA AK's? Nice head accoutrements, but you probably can't hear jack with those tusks hanging from your head when you're walking. What I can say for certain from the pics is that with the exception of the one Romanian AK, the rest were supplied by the Chinese.
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    The school teacher in me is forced to spout off that in Africa, the AK is the defacto mark of male prowess. It is also referred to as the African Credit Card, for having one is necessary for survival. Mozambique has it on its flag. Children are referred to as Kalashes. We also have a personal bias in lumping all Africans together, but tribalism is rampant and real. To an Ethiopian, inter-tribal violence is an everyday event that you live and die for in defending your tribe and family. I used to have an assistant from Mali, a West African country. She was fascinated that I owned Ak variants ( alas a Romy was included in the mix) and mentioned that in her territory, you had to attempt to kill or do something daring to an enemy in order to possess one. That was so 2009.

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