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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Demosthenes View Post
    Both images show weapons in hand.

    Until I know otherwise, will be courteous, professional, and follow my plan...

    ...and work to be more fit than dude 1 appears to be.
    Now THERE is some wisdom!!!

    One of the things I appreciate about Ted is that he often cuts to the heart of the matter. No BS, just quiet professionalism.
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    Obama's cousin running the African chapter of Fast and Furious?

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    Those AK's in the series of pictures all show wear/tear. Rusty magazines, finish worn off on the magazines and receivers. Carried, used. Not like the first picture.

    The picture of the guy on the street, with the AR15??? Why is it okay to carry/hold one muzzle down at the pavement, towards people on the street were an ND might bounce up and hit someone?

    Versus muzzle up in the air where there is way less chance of an ND striking someone?

    In many years of hunting (woods/fields) and 4 years in the US Army, the only time I had a rifle/shotgun muzzle down was in the rain when I wasn't expecting anything to happen.

    Is that they way it's done now? Muzzle down at the concrete/road surfaces?

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    Yes. Accompanied by the command, "Let 'em hang."
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    Knows life is difficult. Back story is complicated.

    Thinks life is too difficult. Back story is complicated.
    The trouble with fighting oppression is that most of one's time is spent defending the scoundrels for whom oppressive laws are first aimed. To win this fight, oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all. H.L. Mencken

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    Bob, Bob had.......
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    The government selectively enforces laws, so I selectively follow them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 336Whiskey View Post
    Obama's cousin running the African chapter of Fast and Furious?
    "That's a bingo"

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    One guy lives in a land where people still stay alive and feed themselves through their wits and their physical exertion. Many still get where they are going by walking or running. It is a dangerous place where they don't pretend otherwise...... His AK is as much a tool as a knife or a shovel.

    The other guy lives in a land of plenty where many feed themselves with the government check that arrives in their mailbox the 1st week of the month.....a place where even the "poor" among them are in the top 70% of wealthy people in the world. He lives in a land where flat screen TVs and free cell phones and free health care are seen as basic human rights by people who pretend that there is no danger anywhere and that we can all just get a long..... His rifle is a toy for his inner child.
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    The fat guy is what happens when you get indoor plumbing, microwave food, dunkin donuts, Netflix and chill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Web Services View Post
    The fat guy is what happens when you get indoor plumbing, microwave food, dunkin donuts, Netflix and chill.
    No chill. Unless you mean reefer chill.
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