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    A weapon can be an irrational and ineffective totem. Also, Chinese AKs are tough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Did no one notice that this pic is posed. Its a studio photo, note the backdrop. I'm not saying hes not a warrior, just that the picture isnt "real", its akin to one of those fake western dress up pics you can have taken at "Frontier Town". Maybe hes real, maybe not. THAT being said hes not someone Id want to F with or have walking up behind me in a dark alley in Baltimore City-but then why would I be in a dark alley in Baltimore City?

    As for the Kalashnikov, look closer, its got "well used" furniture but new, or at least newish condition metal, that is not at all in a condition matching the wood. My guess is its a builders concept of a "battlefield pickup" parts gun.

    The male may be a fighter, killer, warrior; but he has zero visible scares. His knuckles are unscathed and his fingernails appear to be clean and groomed. The warpaint may be authentic, I don't pretend to know every tribe history from every shithole corner of Afrika; but its not something I recognize as "correct". My bet is this is some "dress up" as a Mandingo Warrior BS look good for folks that get their history from Ebony magazine.

    Honestly the only thing that gives me pause that it might be real, is the shredded sling. Nope I'm going with MR T Jr.
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    He looks like a guy who's fallen victim to the curse of wealth. Not saying he's rich or that wealth is bad, but he's obviously comforted by and holds value in things and has placed a lower priority on abilities.

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    The first pic is a potential adversary or ally depending on how it's played. His rifle is well maintained but, used. The number on the stock indicates it was government property at some point - probably never shot and only dropped once! His demeanor indicates his capability and willingness to do violence. The jewelry is not an affectation but, an indication of his past accomplishments and possibly present status.

    The second pic is at best a source of supply and at worst a liability - think brother-in-law who thinks he's trained and ready to "bring it"!
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    My thought of original photo was that it is a posed portrait in a studio of a contemporary African honoring his native roots.

    Much like a Native American casino worker sitting with a war bonnet, etc.

    As noted above, serious resting murder face, low fat, no scars, damage to ears looks decorative.

    Hard to say if he is a fighter or not, could be as much of a poseur (or threat) as Billy Bob.
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    It's obviously a posed pic. But so what. *I* pose for pics to promote classes and gear...underestimating me because it's posed would be unwise.

    The first pic poses a mystery and raises questions. Who is he, what is he about? What's his story?

    The second pic only speaks an answer. We know exactly what his story is.
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    The first pic makes me want to know his story, the second does not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Following on the last image - what does this one tell you?

    Attachment 54680

    Heart attack getting off the X. DRT

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    One man with a rifle that he is intimately familiar with and is such a part of himself that he decided to include it in the photo.

    Contrast that with those who have 17 different rifles and are proverbial jack of all trades and masters of none.

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    Brent and Greg both nailed it imho. I can visualize pic #1 killing and eating pic #2. One is hunter predator and one is prey.

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