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    So the offended ones are offended because he said what they know to be true BUT don't want it to be true...That's sorta like knowing poison will kill you but taking bit anyway because you don't want it to....and isn't THAT whats really wrong with the SJW mindset--they KNOW those people are bad for the US but they want them to come here because they want things to be different than the way they really are.....maybe they can cure them with hugs and virgin White girls

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    They are offended that shit hole countries are populated by shit hole people. I can't blame people from trying to get out of a shit hole. But I don't want my tax dollars supporting a bunch of people coming over here with no skills, not integrating, and making my country a shit hole, too. We are not responsible for another country's problems any more than you are responsible for taking care of the family down the street. Most of those shit hole countries are not democratic in nature and that is why they are shit holes to begin with. I don't have an answer on how to save the world.

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    I know I'm offended...I was just thinking of scheduling my next two vacations in just those two beautiful spots.

    Now, I have to make new plans!

    I'm amazed that those places think anyone cares about their feelings. As a nation, we simply need to say to them, "Who cares what you think. That's not important. What is important is what we think of YOU and your rathole country!"

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    Have you notice that all the fussing is about his words and no one is denying that these places are???? That says all you need to know
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    How hard must this be for the media? Can you imagine having to pretend that Haiti is not a shithole? CNN said "shithole" every other word in their coverage of this. They are like a three year old who learns that a word is dirty and runs around the house yelling it because they aren't supposed to.

    The media is asking refugees for their opinion. The one question they aren't asking: Why are you a refugee? Maybe because your home country is a shithole?

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    Just checked my pockets, not a single f*ck to give to any of these offended countries. I’m sure plenty of my tax dollars have gone to them and they should be cut off. Send bombs, not cash.
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    If your country is a shithole, it is your own fault. The fault of your culture, religion, or maybe history...but its your fault. Not Bush's fault, white people's fault, nor trump's fault. Shithole nations produce terrorists, diseases, and general disorder. I am not going to say that nobody from such places should be allowed to emigrate, but they must bring something of value that offsets their starting point...a scientist from venezuela...a medical genius from Sudan, etc. Other than that...America would be better off without the burden of people from those lands.
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    Okay, so the President may (or may not) have used an accurate but impolite term to describe Third World countries. Is calling them Third World any more polite? It translates directly to "shithole" and everyone knows it.

    If your country has cholera, typhus, and polio, it's the Third World. We'll send whiny Sally Struthers to raise some donations. If your country has no sanitation, no clean running water, no decent schools and can't feed itself without the charity of others, I hate to break it to you, but it's a shithole. And no, we don't need a bunch of guys who beat their wives and crap in the streets coming here and bringing their so-called "culture" with them. F- that diversity. Learn to wash your hands and maybe we'll talk.
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    Haha! I know! I didn't see where he named any country (maybe Haiti) yet many of my acquaintances automatically start defending which ever particular country they're involved with and assume he was talking about that country. Tells me he hit them where it (the truth) hurts.

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