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    "Balor and Dueck mounts are expensive 'knockoffs' trying to unsuccessfully compete for your dollar against the innovative, original, reasonably-priced and full-featured Suarez L-Mount."
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    When you drop the hammer on someone the Suarez logo reminds you to not get PTSD and sleep soundly that night?

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    Mounts suck.

    If you want to carry a RDS, send your slide to actual experts and have it milled.

    That said, if one is dead set on a mount then one should seek a mount that is both reasonably priced and designed well. The Suarez L Mount meets both of those needs.

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    The "L mount" is the only one that offers back up irons and stability......I have one on a


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    Quote Originally Posted by m48shooter View Post
    The purpose of the “L-mount” is twofold:
    A) to dip your toe into the pistol mounted RMR world without spending money required to actually cut your pistol, and to allow to reverse your decision after the fact.

    B) using/utilizing the advantages of the pistol mounted RMR for serious gun work in a job where you have to carry the bosses gun and cannot alter it.
    You can have your slide milled for not much more than the cost of the mount. If you don’t like it slap a cover plate over it and sell your slide. I’d suspect the majority of buyers fall into group B.

    Balor mount is a glorified MOS plate. No sights. You can mount an Aimpoint on it, I don’t know if you can with the others or why you’d want to. Or why you wouldn’t want sights.

    Dueck is a step up, it has sights. Not adjustable though. You get what you get, and if it’s off a little that’s just too bad for you.

    Suarez has full cowitness with the ability to drift the rear. Because we don’t deal in “close enough”.

    If you don’t get probably didn’t read this thread anyway.
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    Balor: Made by a holster company.

    Dueck: Made by a bullet-golfer. (Respect for his veteran status, truly. But his own webpage touts competition experience above all else.)

    L-Mount: Made by a successful hunter of evil men, who has tested himself and his equipment in the ultimate competition.

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    Both the Balor and Dueck mounts were born after careful observation of the market. The Suarez L-Mount was born after careful observation of RMR equipped Glock pistols which created that market. Apparently they didn't read the full posts or pay attention as the Balor lacks sights to co-witness with the red dot and the Dueck lacks any adjustment to the back up iron sights. Nobody wants to own a mount, they want a pistol that delivers lead on target. The Suarez L-Mount is the only one designed from it's inception to make new holes in old foes.

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    One is made by Suarez... Two are not.

    About as elegant as I can get.
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    Outstanding answers thusfar!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_k View Post
    One is made by Suarez... Two are not.

    About as elegant as I can get.
    I like this one.

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