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    Quote Originally Posted by ShopMonkey View Post
    IDK, i've dug plenty of fighting holes with the tri-folds.....
    I used them too; but I never could get used to the "V" handle. Ill admit it did make the shovel fold smaller for storage/carry.

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    I love it! It’s about time to go medieval on those savages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreenlx50 View Post
    Under Obama his career could have been measured in seconds from that statement. Currently reality has returned to the military as much is possible but I'm sure some are still uncomfortable with that statement. Even under Bush during OIF I was questioned about a field knife on my ALICE gear. I was told "that not an image we want to portray"like knives aren't tools and we were at an austere base with a large Palistinan community near by. Things are getting better but Patton still wouldn't fit in and Schwartzkauf might still be shorted.
    I was told I could NOT have my Ka Bar on my web gear since it was a weapon but it was okay to have the bayonet?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    I used them too; but I never could get used to the "V" handle. Ill admit it did make the shovel fold smaller for storage/carry.
    the v handle is weird, it doesn't really over much leverage

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    Don't know how "confirmed" this really is but I do like the improvisational stylings of the Ranger in question. I've heard of prisoners digging their way out with a spoon, so why not?


    For those who donít know the singular delight of Meals, Read to Eat, an MRE spoon is similar to any other plastic spoon. Itís not exactly known for having sharp edges, but the plastic is sturdy enough to puncture more than stale crackers.

    ďItís about time someone put those spoons to good use,Ē post author Garndog writes.

    The scene is set in Iraq after a team of Rangers set out to clear a building of enemy combatants. Once they breach the building, they find a handful of militants waiting for them armed to the teeth. After exchanging gunfire, the Rangers manage to eliminate all but one militant, who reaches for a grenade and moves to pull out the pin.

    Seeing this, one Ranger leaps into action.

    Take it away, Garndog!

    Being only feet away, our ranger buddyís instincts and training took over. He rushed the enemy, immediately engaging in hand to hand combat. As they wrestle, this ranger canít seem to get to his knife due to all of his gear being in the way. Again, without hesitation, he reaches for the first solid object he could get his hands on; an MRE spoon!

    After grabbing the spoon, he began stabbing the enemy in the neck until he was dead.

    The Ranger spooned a terrorist, and walked away not only with his life and the lives of his friends, but with a great story.In the heat of the moment, anything can be a weapon. When one, unnamed Army Ranger came face to face with a grenade-wielding terrorist and couldnít grab a knife, he reached for the next best thing: an MRE spoon.

    The thrilling tale of one man and his spoon was first shared on Grunt Stuff. According to the blog post, the story has been corroborated by multiple witnesses who saw Checkhovís spoon with their own eyes. While the blog doesnít give out any names to protect that Rangerís identity, this story is so good that we canít help but hope every word is true.
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    Ever read about Lt. Sam Woodfill? Besides all the German soldiers he killed with his M1917 that day his actions resulted in a MOH, he also killed two or three with an old pick handle. They gassed him, he was having trouble seeing, he laid his M1917 down and two or three of them rushed him with bayonets on the ends of their rifles. They were fighting around an old farmhouse and he grabbed a broken pick handle and killed the German soldiers with it. Picked his M1917 up a bit later when he could see/breathe better and went on killing them with it.

    I remember reading about the Marines in Korea. Basic load for the M1 rifles was about 96 rounds. More than once they would expend their ammo by midnight and spend the rest of the night killing North Koreans and Chinese soldiers with bayonets, entrenching tools and butt strokes to the head. I still wonder why they'd send guys out with so little ammo. Two of my wife's uncles were in the US Army in Korea. One of them told me one dark and stormy night that whenever they went out in front of the lines on patrol they had the ammo belt that held 10 clips, a clip in the rifle, a clip on the sling (up front there, near their left hand) a clip on the collar of their field jacket or parka and two bandoleers of clips, one under each arm with the strap around the other side of their neck from the bandoleer. Neither one of them ever mentioned running out of ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uglydog03 View Post
    I had a First Sgt. who kept a bronzed E-tool he used in Vietnam . It was one of the old wood handled kind . Turns out , it was all that he could lay his hands on one night when the VC attacked . He lived and the VC did not . Nobody screwed with the First Shirt .
    My First Sgt (also a Vietnam vet) slept with his. The old wood handled kind of course. If you wanted to wake him, you stood back 15' and threw small pinecones, because he was known to bounce up swinging it on occasion.
    I broke quite a few of the tri-fold ones trying to chip a foxhole out of Ft Bragg clay.

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    Best one I ever had was hammered out by a Yard on a rock forge with an iron wood handle it would cut off an arm quick fast and in a hurry, fact.
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    This Gurkha stud fought off 30 Taliban. He used a GPMG tripod and a sandbag when he ran out of ammo.

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    I'm still waiting to hear that a member of the Tribe fought off a Mumbai style attack with a RDS Glock and when he ran out of ammo killed the rest with a GNS and a Choirboy.
    On a serious note, these guys have some stones to perform these feats. Talk about a wolf rising in their throat!

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