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    Quote Originally Posted by CaneCorso View Post

    Don’t focus on gay bodybuilder mirror selfies
    But I love these.
    Greg "Hyena" Nichols
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    Always entertaining, mildly offensive
    IANative: Indeed, when you grab Brent (or he grabs you), it feels like liquid unobtanium wrapped in rawhide... whereas Greg is just solid muscle wrapped in hate, seasoned w/ snuff and a little lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briggs View Post
    I got steadily stronger doing Wendlerís 5-3-1 and itís a fairly minimal time commitment. Got to eat. I just started getting more serious in that department and I am eating 1.5 grams of protein. Itís harder than working out! I am going to stay with it for 6 weeks and reasses. Thatís about 3x more protein than I was eating.
    Just recently switched to Wender's 5-3-1 myself and I really like it. I'm beginning the second cycle of the Boring But Big template now. I can see running this program for quite some time. I like the four days per week workouts and the flexibility of the assistance exercises while still keeping the focus on getting stronger on deadlifts, bench, press and squats.

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