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Thread: SIRT ?

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    The guys that make the SIRT are offering a pretend RMR for $19.99. At that price I would not blow or sneeze on it for fear of durability. But I ordered one. See how it goes.

    Not sure, but I think it consists of the housing only (no lens, no LED).
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    I find a SIRT to be a valuable tool. This red dot housing misses the mark for usefulness - no co witness with the irons. In fact, it is actually worse, it since it replaces the rear sight and the front sight remains unaltered.

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    I got a SIRT and the LASR software a year ago, and it's been a really handy training tool. It's especially helpful for training in shooting from unusual positions I couldn't possible do at the local range.
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    Another training tool to consider is the Mantis X.

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    Not quite sure what you're looking for since the M19 is a fictional gun from the Resident Evil video game series

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShopMonkey View Post
    Not quite sure what you're looking for since the M19 is a fictional gun from the Resident Evil video game series
    My guess is Glock model 19

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDR_Glock View Post
    I also use it for dry fire practice. However, I have several laser training targets which aid in shooting at various combat distances. One of my laser targets has par timer and shot timer.

    I recently acquired an app that works on my phone by G-Sight.

    It plots hits by your laser by location. You can use a conventional target or other non-reflective target. It, too, has a timer function and all features cost just $10. I have been using it as practice for drawing from Concealment.

    I don’t know if laser cartridges automatically reset, but in a Double/Single action pistol, I don’t see why not.

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    I have two SIRTs and this looks interesting. I think I'll give it a try.
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    I just got the SIRT SPOT RMR-simulator in and installed (never moved forward with the L-mount idea). It does have a notch to simulate a rear sight, and the "iron" sights cowitness through the glassless simulator. Getting my bottom takeup laser to witness through the simulator took almost the entire range of adjustment, but it worked. To best use this, you'd want a green/red laser SIRT, so you could set it with the red laser acting as the dot and the green to show your hit. All in all, a decent little setup, especially for $20. It might even be a business opportunity for Gabe, if his prices from NLT are good, to offer it as a bundle.

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