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    There are a few guys making "coin saps" out there (Foster, Green Man, etc). Coin Saps are probably the best "official" option as they are dual use, which might sway a Prosecutor or Jury (depending on context of use).

    If Gabe wanted to them, I guess he could work out a deal or duplicate their designs. There was one being sold on SI. It was the soft leather bag type. My guess is it didn't sell, so it went away--capitalism...

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    We did have a sap bag, in fact, we still have one. Ask Gabe nicely and he may just sell it to you.

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    Are Knuckle Dusters on the table in this category as well?


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    Quote Originally Posted by twinboysdad View Post
    Ironically I remember Gane's go to melon basher being a maglite IIRC.
    he used a gonzales sap at one point with LASD I believe. In 2005 they did a group buy of saps here.

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    I still have one of those handy coin holders. Works great for laundry money on the road. It's been through almost every CONUS airport, and 4 continents. The SI coin bag is perfect to carry your change in a compact manner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    I'll go out on a limb and speculate that all of the "I want a...." threads didn't translate into real sales.
    They don't which is why I ignore most of them. There is a company called Sneaky bags (something else I created in concept - "the bug out bag" with magazines). There were threads about how the OD Green and FDE were too high profile. If only Gabe made them in grey, forest green and maroon...then they would buy one.

    Being naive...I made them in sky blue, grey, brown, and maroon. I sold none and eventually gave the entire run to charity. What did sell? FDE, Black, OD green, etc.

    Sorry me a sell-out, sell-sword, mercenary if you wish, but I am not here to make cool things guys will marvel at online and never buy. I like saps and have several.

    Do I carry one? No.

    Do I have less lethal tools on board when I am out and about?

    Yes. Two hands, two elbows, two knees and two feet.

    For everything else I have a Glock with an RMR.
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    Saps are really cool and I like them. And I like Asps as well.

    I remember a discussion with Sauer one time...he didn’t care for impact weapons because any time you’re justified to use one, you’re justified to use a knife (or gun for that matter). But...knives take time for the other guy to bleed out. A good impact weapon with the right skill and it’s lights out immediately. And, you don’t have to hit so hard you break things. There’s no way to “stab just a little bit”.

    That said I don’t carry a sap or an asp. My impact weapons come OEM from the factory.

    Bullets and blades don’t, so I carry those.
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