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    What do y'all typically load up in your bag? Mines basically just pistol mags, a TQ and flashlight. I've been updating/reviewing my equipment loads lately and I'm just curious what others are packing.

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    AS for me? four extra MAKO GROUP steel AR-15 mags. Canik 55 TP 9 with two extra 17 magazines. Two RATS tourniquets, duct tape, bandage pads. One assisted action opening MTech USMC knife.

    UPDATED: 1 XD9 Mod 2 4.0 9mm w/Viridian X5L Gen 3 Light /green laser has replaced Canik TP 9.
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    Here is a good read from a few years ago.



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    I finally got the two bags together that Greg Nichols mentioned below. Used a couple of TIB from here. Any changes or updates recommended in the last almost year and a half?

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    I'm a firm believer that less is more most of the time. I have a shoulder bag that hangs on my bed post and one that hangs from the rear seat's headrest of my truck. The trick with a shoulder bag is to remember that it's pulling multiple duties as your ammo carrier, blow out rig, and dump pouch all at the same time. With this in mind you don't want to over load it with crap because the "good idea fairy" struck you. I only load what I consider to be essentials for each of these bags.

    Bedside bag:
    3 rifle mags - There's room for more but I want open space for dumping partials.

    1 happy stick - I don't need more than this and the sticks are easier to source from the bag than normal length mags.

    Spare Pistol - I keep a pistol in the bag so I can grab and go without having to strap on a pistol as well as grab the bag and rifle. I have a holster mounted in the bag.

    Hand held light - My bedside rifle has a dedicated light and the bag's pistol doesn't so I keep a light handy in the bag

    3 Green chem lights - alternate light source as well other uses that are great in CQB.

    Bleeder kit and TQ - for obvious reasons I keep a kit in there and ready.

    The truck bag is the same with the addition of a multi tool and subtraction of the spare pistol. I don't include another pistol as I should already have myself strapped if I'm awake and on the move.

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    Placed an order for a black one a couple days ago.... Haven't seen it in person but looks like it will be exactly what I'm wanting in an active shooter response bag.

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    Iíve got three and recommended them highly. Sorta wish they still made the Multicam one.
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