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    How do you build an AR for 1200 bucks? A Geissele trigger and match barrel are already about half that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    How do you build an AR for 1200 bucks? A Geissele trigger and match barrel are already about half that...
    Look for deals bro, bottom basement prices. How would a man compete in that market. Starting to sound like building materials.....

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    A search of my main distributors for

    Semi Auto
    .223, 5.56, and 223 Wylde
    16" barrel
    M4 Style
    Under $1000 (dealer)

    Revealed no less than four pages of 25 items each. And they will all outshoot that $1200 home built AK, weigh less and use anything from cheap-ass-embarrassing ammo to Match ammo.

    Just UNDER the $1200 mark was a

    COLT M4 CARBINE 5.56 16" for $1190

    The lowest cost was IO M215-KM15 556NATO 16" for $425 (yeah...I know but nobody is more penny pinching than AK people)

    High end were LWRC and Knights for about $1800

    So lets I want to have to build my own AK for $1200 just to make it acceptable...or do I want a Colt M4 ready out of the box for that?

    One day you guys will wake up and wonder what happened to quality rifles...refer to this thread. I have one AK SBR SLR-107 that I have not shot since the last AK class I taught (last in terms of chronology as well as historically)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maorri View Post
    The Ak I would recommend and will eventually do a write up on is an atlantic firearms DIY kit. It is just a barreled receiver sans trigger, and furniture. For $1200 I was able put a complete rifle together. That price includes an optic, 10 surp mags, alg trigger, flashlight and 1000 rounds. The quality is great and the accuracy is much better than my slg 31. The best part is you save money by not buying all the crap you throw away and replace.
    for that kind of moneyinto an AK variant, I'll wait for the AKB15 to hit the US market

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