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    I put a linear comp on my pistol. It's a noticeable improvement from a flash can.
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    I have very little direct experience with them. One piece of information that I was given, though--by another shooter in a class, who seemed to be a squared away guy--was that materials are key. He wanted a Flaming Pig, but also wanted it to be lightweight. So he went with a different brand because they offered one in aluminum. He ended up buying the Pig (which is steel) and said there was no comparison at all between the two. The steel device soaked up sound and did what it advertised, while the aluminum one just seemed to add a shrieking ring to the blast. It kind of makes sense.
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    After researching and shooting friends’ blast diverters in many different flavors, I’m going suppressed on everything rifle related with the only penalty being added length and cost. The blast diverters do reduce the concussion to me as the shooter, but I could see the fireball during the day most of the time! Didn’t bother trying them in low light...

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    I have the Midwest Industries one on my pistol build and it performs as advertised.
    The sound and blast is close to that of a 16inch barreled 5.56 rifle and that is shooting under the roof of the public range which had a ceiling.
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    I had the same experience as CJ, but in reverse. I have a 10.5” AR pistol that would send daylight visible flames about 18” out from the muzzle when using a birdcage flash hider, according to my students. I didn’t notice it, but they did when I demo’d a drill at RGF1 for them. I figured since my flash hider wasn’t hiding anything, I might as well send the concussion down range and make things more pleasant for me.

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