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    I am 65 and facing bypass surgery in less than a month. I am also that way after a stroke 20 years ago...I do have physical limitations, but I try very hard to build my training and action plans around those limitations...I am sure in a reactive situation, I would need to create some sort of distraction to let me react constructively. Not going to go over these techniques because every situation is different and I have no plans to give advice that won’t work when needed...this is something you need to work out for yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chainsaw76 View Post
    I have stiff fingers from arthritis and one day magnum pistols will be off the list for me.
    IMO that day is now.

    Osteoarthritis is a cumulative degeneration of the joints caused by "wear and tear". The more impact/work you put on the joints (over a certain level) the more degradation you're going to get.

    Shooting them very occasionally won't do much more damage, but if it were me, which honestly it pretty much is, I'd restrict my shooting of them. A lot. I've decided not to get a 10mm Glock because of wrist problems, and arthritis elsewhere in my body.

    Right now, I can carry and use any firearm I and most others own, but that won't last. One day, I will no longer be able to load ammo into my G19 magazines or rack the slide. I need to come up with some pistols I could still fire for SD and a longer arm for HD. Pondering my options.

    Would a Stakeout type .410 loaded with 00 Buck (4 ea) and a red dot or green laser be best for HD at bedroom distances, or would a pump .410 in riot gun config work better? I've even considered a Ruger 10/22 in .22 mag legally SBR'd because it is light weight, the mags are easy to load and the bolt cycles easily.
    If the problem is in your hands and wrists, either you won't be able to pull the trigger, or just about *any* shoulder fired weapon--one that transmits the recoil to the shoulder--would work.

    I know that Mossberg's aren't held in particularly high esteem here, but they have a SA-20 Youth Shotgun in a "tactical" configuration.

    I already have big dogs for alarm purposes and combat power, but what can be done besides that?

    any advice gents?
    Yeah. See a doctor who specializes in Occupational Therapy. Someone who wants to get you functional again. Then FOLLOW THEIR FOOKIN INSTRUCTIONS. TO THE LETTER. If it doesn't help, find another one. Eventually someone will be able to help you a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmoore View Post
    It's interesting. Many of the double blind research reports say that there is no benefit to taking glucosamine or glucosamine with chondroitin.
    HOWEVER - my wife is a veterinarian, and she gives it to our dogs and to some of her patients - and the results can be AMAZING! There is NO PLACEBO EFFECT with critters, so I take that to mean that it has an actual physiological influence on the joints.

    geezer john

    Links to studies there.

    Doesn't do very much, but in some cases can prevent further degradation for a while.

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